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  • Författare: Sam Dolgoff
  • Förlag: Refract Publications
  • Utgiven: 1986
  • Format: Häftad
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Sidor: 200
  • ISBN: 0-946222-04-5

Sam Dolgoff

Fragments: A memoir

Personal recollections drawn from a lifetime of struggle on the cause of anarchism

Sam Dolgoff, editor and translator of "Bakunin on Anarchy" "The Cuban Revolution: A Critical Perspektive" "The Anarchists Collectives: Workers Self - managment in the Spanish Revolution (1936-1939), is now nearly 83 years old. He started out in life more than half a century ago as a working hobo on the trailroads and waterfronts, in lumber camps, canneries, steel mills. Caught up early in ideas of radical social change he moved from reformist socialism to anarchism, publishing his first piece, a criticism of Gandhi, in the anarchist journal "Road to freedom". As a member of the IWW he became a strong propagandaist for libertarian labor movements - incidentally taching himself to read six different languages- lecturning across America in union halls, civic centers and colleges. Under the pen name Sam Weiner, he has published innumerable articles in labor and anarchist periodicals, many of which he helped to found and edit. Now a retired house painter, he does not intend to retire from the movement for the emancipation of the opressed from social, political and personal serfdom.